Shawn and has wife have led over 1000 missionaries on short-term missions to Guatemala since 2006. Leading overseas mission work to developing countries has become an important part of Shawn's ministry. For more information, to support next summer's mission to Guatemala, or to sponsor a child where 100% of your donation will go to support a child in need in Guatemala, please visit one of the following websites:


Now Is the Time - Missions To Guatemala

In addition to performing concerts, leading music, and keynoting at events full-time throughout the year, Shawn and his wife Damaris and spend about 3 months/year in Guatemala to prep and lead an annual mission trip held in June and July. The purpose of "Now Is the Time" missions is to share the love and hope of Jesus by serving orphans, and children living in extreme poverty in Guatemala.

Shawn and Damaris organize and host this mission of about 150 volunteers of all ages each summer. Because they feel blessed to be a blessing, and called to serve as volunteers, they raise financial support for themselves, and for the mission projects throughout the year. 

To donate a high-efficiency stove, concrete floor, water filter, eye glasses, or to sponsor Damaris and Shawn, please visit here.

To sponsor a child in Guatemala and have 100% of your donation go directly to one of three local non-government organization in Guatemala working to keep orphans, and children living in extreme poverty in school, please visit here.

Or, come join them in mission in Guatemala! 2015 Registration will be limited to 160 team members ages 7-77: 40/week x 4 weeks in June and July. Dates and registration information for the 2015 mission will be listed here.

Finally, perhaps the best way to support Shawn and Damaris in their mission work, is to book Shawn for an event, or to purchase his music, t-shirts, or songbooks. The more gigs and sales, the more time and resources Shawn and Damaris can put towards serving the least-of-these in mission. To inquire about booking Shawn for an event, select Book An Event from the Contact tab above.