Camp Z EP - Including La Mostaza


Camp Z EP - Including La Mostaza


This .zip file contains the following 6 songs recorded by Shawn Smith.  All songs are in high-quality .mp3 format which can be downloaded, then transferred to any device to listen to, including burning a CD:

  1. La Mostaza - Live Version (Recorded at Camp Z)
  2. La Mostaza - Studio Version
  3. Can't You See? (from Live - The Gatherings)
  4. Blessed Be  (from Live - The Gatherings
  5. Psalm 150  (from Live - The Gatherings
  6. Be Still  (from Live - The Gatherings

This special EP is only available for a LIMITED TIME - ONLY until 11:59pm on Sun, Aug 2nd.  Please share it with your friends and family before this special goes away forever!

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